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Leading the development of sulforaphane-based medicines.

Evgen Pharma is focused on the clinical development of sulforaphane-based medicines for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Our core technology is Sulforadex®, a unique, patented stabilisation method that enables sulforaphane to be delivered as a stable, solid, active ingredient in an oral pharmaceutical product. We are also researching a number of synthetic, stabilised novel analogues of sulforaphane to advance this new class of pharmaceuticals.

Our Pipeline

As the leading clinical drug development company working to harness the scientific potential of sulforaphane, Evgen is focused on developing commercially successful products. We are currently targeting certain cancers and inflammatory diseases.
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Evgen’s strategy is to demonstrate proof of concept for its proprietary drug candidates in carefully selected diseases and then conclude partnerships with larger organisations better positioned to take these drugs through to commercial launch.


Evgen’s lead compound, SFX-01, is a patent-protected complex of sulforaphane and alpha-cyclodextrin, our Sulforadex® technology. Clinical trials with SFX-01 demonstrate its potential in inhibiting tumour and cancer stem cells, as well as addressing other unmet clinical needs.

Meet the team

Our experienced team share a passion for advancing the potential of SFX-01 in providing effective treatments that improve patient outcomes. Together, our expertise spans biotech, preclinical and clinical drug development, commercialisation, business development, finance and investment.

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