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In September 2020 Evgen announced the licensing of its sulforaphane stabilisation technology in a number of non-pharmaceutical applications to Juvenescence Ltd. 

Juvenescence will deploy the Sulforadex® stabilisation technology to manufacture and market a nutritional health product containing a defined and stable dose of sulforaphane, derived from natural sources. This contrasts with the synthetic sulforaphane which is used in SFX-01, the Company’s lead therapeutic product. It is envisaged that product launch by Juvenescence will occur within the next two years.

Evgen’s focus will remain on progressing its therapeutic programmes, and the Agreement contains provisions which ensure a clear differentiation between potential nutritional health products and pharmaceutical products, including limitations on daily dose. 

 About Juvenescence (

Juvenescence is a life sciences company based on a completely new understanding of the underlying biological causes of aging, creating evidence-based and science-backed therapies, focused on increasing how long people live in health by preventing the diseases of aging in the first place. JuvLife, a division of Juvenescence, is focused on the development and commercialisation of scientifically proven and branded nutritional health products and medical foods that can improve human longevity and quality of life.