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Evgen Pharma’s core technology is Sulforadex®, a means of synthesising and concurrently stabilising the naturally occurring compound sulforaphane (or novel analogues based upon sulforaphane). Pure sulforaphane is an unstable oily liquid, which needs to be stored at -20 degrees C. A significant and growing amount of academic research has focused on sulforaphane but this work has been conducted either with frozen botanical extracts containing unstable sulforaphane or ambient temperature botanical extracts containing glucoraphanin, the chemical precursor of sulforaphane.

To date, the therapeutic effect of sulforaphane in academic research has focused on its ability to activate the transcription factor Nrf2 by covalently binding to Keap1. The activation of Nrf2 results in the production of a variety of proteins with antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective qualities.  More recently two other molecular targets of sulforaphane have been discovered; STAT3 and SHP2.  Both of these targets are highly relevant in a wide range of solid tumours and haematological cancers.

Evgen Pharma’s Sulforadex® technology unlocks the medical and commercial potential of sulforaphane (and related novel analogues) by synthesising a stable, solid form, active pharmaceutical ingredient.  Lead product, SFX-01, is a patent-protected complex of sulforaphane and alpha-cyclodextrin in a stable powder. In addition to SFX-01, Evgen Pharma holds a world-wide exclusive licence to a series of novel sulforaphane analogues from the Spanish Research Council and the University of Seville.